April 16 2020, LONDON – Digivault, a secure digital asset custody provider, today announced the release of Helios. Helios is Digivault’s warm custody solution that is designed to be the pinnacle of permanently live secure storage.

The Helios design meets the stringent standards demanded by the world’s most secure systems, allowing for a level of safety and reliability practically unseen in this space. Helios delivers logical protection against key duplication and / or theft, hardware protection of networks and operates from multiple military-grade secure locations run by a recognised third-party provider.

Helios seamlessly integrates with Digivault’s cold storage solution Kelvin, launched last year. Kelvin offers secure, digital asset deep cold storage infrastructure inside the vaults of leading storage provider Malca-Amit. This cooperation enables Digivault to store client assets next to gold and silver in vaults that meet the highest grades of bank-entrusted vault classification and to store client assets in select locations in Europe and Asia.

Digivault’s mantra of “Secure by Design” is underscored by its compliance with internationally recognised standards and accreditations. This includes Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, which is backed by the UK Government and supported by the National Cyber Secretary Centre. Since 2016, the UK Government has invested around £1.9 billion (US$2.48 billion) on cyber security and dealt with thousands of significant incidents, requiring cross government and industry responses.

“We are excited to unveil the next solution in our digital asset custody range. We have seen robust interest in our cold custody solution Kelvin and by adding warm custody with Helios, we believe we are truly paving the way for the institutional adoption of the digital asset class. Our unparalleled security measures continue to provide peace of mind to investors and we hope it will encourage more investors to explore the vast benefits provided by this asset class,” said Mr. Robert Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Digivault.


About Digivault

Digivault was founded in December 2018 in London by a team of IT solution delivery experts from the finance and security sectors to deliver enterprise grade cold, and warm, digital asset custody solutions that would operate in harmony with one another. As a Diginex Group company, Digivault is able to support both internal and external clients with the same exacting standards. For more information visit: https://www.digivault.com/


About Diginex

Diginex is a blockchain financial services and technology company. Diginex partners with institutional investors, corporations and governments to make digital assets more accessible, business processes more efficient and secure. Diginex believes its collaborative approach and pursuit of global cooperation is optimal to drive institutional adoption of blockchain technologies and the regulated use of digital assets. For more information visit: https://www.diginex.com/


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