Raising standards in secure and scalable digital custody of crypto assets for institutions

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Digivault provides institutional investors with a solution that makes digital asset custody simple and secure

Experienced team with guiding principles that govern everything we do
Kelvin, our cold storage solution to convert digital to physical assets
Helios, our warm storage solution combines security with instant access

Institutional Focus,

Superior Service

Our secure crypto custody solution has been built with institutional clients in mind
We put our clients above all else, and believe in building long-term partnerships with a customer focus

Crypto Custody, Secure By Design

Every part and process involved in our solution is built with our mantra “Secure by Design”
Our service is built from its foundations to be secure, driven by risk assessments and not relying on secrecy for security

These factors ensure that the Secure by Design mantra is the cornerstone in all that Digivault delivers

Key Features

Defence-grade hardware and cyber security protection
Network of bank grade vaults and data centres with our strategic partners
Designed and built to known and auditable internationally recognised standards


For the blockchain and digital asset industry to achieve the promise of digital assets, we must first understand the problems that limit adoption, find realistic solutions and focus on executing those solutions

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    Digivault’s Secure by Design mantra is cemented by internationally recognised standards and accreditation. Digivault is Cyber Essential Plus accredited and is seeking ISO27001 Information Security Management accreditation and alignment to the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)